Our Story

Inspired by Adventure, Made for the Everyday

To this day our legacy of creating footwear as if for the most exhausted, adventure-wearied feet lives on. But adventure isn’t always hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Everyone lives their own version of it, every single day. We make slippers so that anyone who’s on their feet all day—not just passionate outdoorsmen but teachers, chefs, nurses, cashiers, traffic cops, postal workers, and more—can count on switching into the world’s most comfortable slippers once they get home.


Our quest to get comfort down to an exact science pushed us to become one of the first users of memory foam in slippers. And we knew exactly where to look for the best in memory foam technology. In the early 2000's, we partnered with a Glasgow-based mattress company to source their memory foam toppers, which we then molded into shoe insoles. But mattress comfort didn't exactly equate to slipper comfort. So over the years we calibrated the density and firmness ratings of our foams to create an optimal level of cushioning for slipper wearers.


As a local shoe shop, when customers had footwear needs, we took note. And we noticed something that was badly missing, not in their time conquering the outdoors but in their lives at home—quality indoor shoes to console their high-mileage, trail-weary, and travel-weary feet. So for Christmas that year, we handmade five pairs of slippers for our long time Audubon customers using a low-cut boot last. Experimenting with mattress top memory foam, arch support insoles, and anti-shock cushioning from boots, we designed slippers with the goal of comforting extremely tired feet. Word spread about our little experiment, and the following month we received requests from over 350 customers who now needed a new pair of slippers.

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